Consult and rectifying procedures

Consult on previous circumcision

Due to our vast knowledge and experience, Besnijdenis Centrum Nederland (BCN) has become a center of expertise for patients who have undergone a badly performed circumcision elsewhere. It is possible to make an appointment for a check-up or consult with one of our doctors.

The doctor will inform on the procedure and healing process of the previously performed circumcision, after which he will conduct a physical examination. Based on the findings, the doctor will give one of the following pieces of advice:

  • Conservative management;
  • Referral back to the treating physician;
  • Rectifying procedure by one of our doctors;
  • Referral to a (pediatric) urologist for a rectifying procedure.


  1. Shortly after the circumcision, the result may not look good due to swelling, blue discoloration, or an opening wound. After 2 to 3 weeks, when the healing process is done, the end result will usually be good.
  2. In case it has been a few months since the circumcision, and the end result is not satisfactory (excessive skin remaining, ragged scars), it might permanently remain like this.
  3. In babies and young boys, the excessive remaining skin or ragged scars might disappear during puberty, when the penis will start to grow. Traditional circumcisions, in which the wound is not sutured, achieve their end results in this way.


Rectifying procedure after a badly performed circumcision

A rectifying procedure might be necessary in the following cases:

  • Excessive remaining outer/inner skin layer, covering the glans partially or completely;
  • Asymmetrical removal of the outer/inner skin layer, causing an unsatisfactory result.


  1. Rectifying procedures after a circumcision performed too tight (too little skin remaining) should be done by a urologist or plastic surgeon. BCN does not perform such procedures.
  2. BCN does not perform hypospadias repair surgery. This should be done by a pediatric urologist.



The total cost of a rectifying procedure of a circumcision performed elsewhere is ?285,- for a boy under 16 years, and ?425,- for an adult male.


Sign up for a check-up appointment

Please contact us by phone to make an appointment for a check-up or consult. Dial 020-6909712 for our clinics in Amsterdam and Almere, or 085-4871506 for our other clinics.

A rectifying procedure will only be performed after one of our doctors has conducted a physical examination on the patient, and has deemed a rectifying procedure necessary.